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Life Coach For Men

Find Clarity.
Build Confidence.
Live with Purpose.

Why Life Architekture?

Hey, I'm Bayu, the founder of Life Architekture. If you're feeling stuck or lost, you're not alone! I was once at that point myself, and I started this journey to help men like you navigate through life.

Being in a rough spot is part of the deal sometimes, and it's totally okay.

We believe strength has nothing to do with hiding behind your struggles or pretending they don't exist. It's about acknowledging where you are and taking wise actions.

Our philosophy is to lift you out from those moments of doubt and guide you toward a path of confidence, resilience, and growth.

So, if you're at a point where you're questioning where to go in life, dealing with personal stuff, or looking for a new perspective, we've got your back!

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Be The Man. Start Living Your Truth.

Our online Life Coaching Program helps you align your core values with your actions and decisions so that your path is in harmony with who you truly are.

Emotional Resilience

Build mental strength that supports you in adversity by transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and perseverance. It’s about learning but never giving up.

Structure & Adaptability

Develop discipline, consistency and persistence through a daily routine and structure you can always rely. Learn to be creative and  flexible enough to adapt when life gets in the way.


Tap into the source of your confidence, aligning what you think with what you say and do. Face your life's responsibilities with more confidence and trust the process.


Gain clear insights into your current situation and define where you aim to be. Establish a clear direction, lay the groundwork, and start working towards your goals.

Quality Relationships

Cultivate strong, empowering relationships both with yourself and others in your life. It's about being intentional, accepting and acting our of compassion.

Sense of Purpose

Strengthen your bond with the greater forces that guide you — the Universe, God, Love, or however you name it. Recognize your role as a Co-Creator of your life, and reconnect with your unique purpose.

Here's Where Men Get it Wrong.

You think knowledge is power? False. Applied knowledge is.

You think it's about creating the perfect plan? Not true. Planning without action is just daydreaming.

You think all it matters is taking action? Incorrect. Action without a clear direction is rushing.

At Life Architekture, we empower men to turn Reflection into Results through discipline, patience, and compassion.

Your Time is Now.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to:

  • Crush it in fulfilling various responsibilities both at work and at home,
  • Strengthen your mental and emotional resilience in hard time
  • Tap into the deepest source of self-confidence
  • Build strong relationships with your partner, community, and most importantly yourself
  • Find a sense of purpose beside material success.

The steps are clear:

1 - You must take ownership of your life.

2 - Gain clarity in where you are and where you want to be.

3 - Take the necessary action.

With our unique, structured and tested approach, we will guide you to become the man you aspire to be.

Our Life Coaching Services. Built for Men.

45-Day Life Coaching Transformation

Who is This For? For Men Who...

… are tired of stagnation and feeling stuck.

… are ready to finally have their breakthrough.

… are ready to commit and take action.

… want access to a professional life coach for men

What Will You Get?

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Over 10h of 1:1 Personal Life Coaching

Accountability Partner

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Over 20h of Self-Study Material

Flexible To Your Schedule

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Customized & Intensive Guidance

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Life Architekture Testimonials

Because we believe action speaks louder than words. See for yourself what our clients are saying!

* Translated from German


My coaching with Bayu was extremely helpful for me to understand more deeply where my current problems lie and what exactly is important to me.

I particularly liked how well Bayu was able to put himself in my role and analyzed and understood my current situation. I had the constant feeling that the coaching did not strictly follow a standard scheme, but that Bayu adapted the program precisely to my topics and goals.

Thank you Bayu for this deep and above all helpful insight into myself!*


Bayu really understands his craft of coaching. Whether in a group or one on one, the safe space which is created provides the necessary security for deep work. Through his ways of guiding a session or asking the right questions he brings you to the essential aspects or questions for yourself.

The way he explains for example what mindfulness is or how to raise self-esteem is easy to understand for everybody.

I personally share only good experiences with Bayu and can therefore recommend Life Architekture.


Bayu is an incredible person and a professional at what he does. When I was in my worst state, he helped me to see my potential, given me the skills to understand, solve my psychological shortcomings and my direction in life.

Currently, I am in a monthly check-up with Bayu and every time I have a session with him, I always discover something new that I have not discovered I had in me.

You are in for a treat to discover your inner potential if you are going for a session with Bayu.


I was able to work with Bayu on a personal topic of mine. Bayu skillfully guided me through the change process with the right questions at the right time.

I felt very comfortable in the atmosphere created by Bayu and was able to gain some insights that I will use for myself in the future.

Anyone who wants a change of perspective and wants to get deadlocked situations moving again is in good hands with Bayu.

I would like to thank you very much Bayu for your company.*

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Life can be designed, depend how you want to see it. That’s what I learned from Bayu Prihandito. How we respond to life's problems, will help us see this world more beautiful and live it calmly.

Life coaching is not a one-way relationship but a two-way relationship that helps us see life’s problem from a different perspective.

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