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Life Architekture Testimonials

Welcome to our testimonial page, here you will find inspiring stories from individuals just like you, who sought a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

These reviews come from real people who've embraced change and found their true selves through our coaching. Each story is a journey of self-discovery and resilience, showcasing the profound possibilities that life offers.

Remember, each journey began just where you are now – at the beginning.

Let their experiences ignite your confidence and motivate your first step towards your own transformation.


My coaching with Bayu was extremely helpful for me to understand more deeply where my current problems lie and what exactly is important to me.

I particularly liked how well Bayu was able to put himself in my role and analyzed and understood my current situation. I had the constant feeling that the coaching did not strictly follow a standard scheme, but that Bayu adapted the program precisely to my topics and goals.

Thank you Bayu for this deep and above all helpful insight into myself!


Bayu really understands his craft of coaching. Whether in a group or one on one, the safe space which is created provides the necessary security for deep work. Through his ways of guiding a session or asking the right questions he brings you to the essential aspects or questions for yourself.

The way he explains for example what mindfulness is or how to raise self-esteem is easy to understand for everybody.

I personally share only good experiences with Bayu and can therefore recommend Life Architekture.


Bayu is an incredible person and a professional at what he does. When I was in my worst state, he helped me to see my potential, given me the skills to understand, solve my psychological shortcomings and my direction in life.

Currently, I am in a monthly check-up with Bayu and every time I have a session with him, I always discover something new that I have not discovered I had in me.

You are in for a treat to discover your inner potential if you are going for a session with Bayu.


I was able to work with Bayu on a personal topic of mine. Bayu skillfully guided me through the change process with the right questions at the right time.

I felt very comfortable in the atmosphere created by Bayu and was able to gain some insights that I will use for myself in the future.

Anyone who wants a change of perspective and wants to get deadlocked situations moving again is in good hands with Bayu.

I would like to thank you very much Bayu for your company.

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Life can be designed, depend how you want to see it. That’s what I learned from Bayu Prihandito. How we respond to life's problems, will help us see this world more beautiful and live it calmly.

Life coaching is not a one-way relationship but a two-way relationship that helps us see life’s problem from a different perspective.

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Bayu is a very inspiring person and a great coach. In his coaching sessions he radiates an absolute presence and listens attentively. I always feel valued and understood. He manages to give the right impulses in the right places or to lead to self-reflection through clever questions.

I look forward to more sessions with you and thank you for your great work!

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I met Bayu last year and I feel so blessed and lucky to have crossed paths with him. I've never actually ever believed in the idea of coaching or how someone else can guide you in living your life at best but my thought changed completely after meeting him.

Just after our very first 1:1 session, I felt so clear about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to lead my life. He shared his knowledge and tools with me in every session and since then I can't describe the changes I've made in myself and in my life.

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The coaching sessions with Bayu helped me a lot to put my issues in order and to find the right solution for me within myself.

In my experience, his calm demeanor and ability to bring deep-seated conflicts to light make him a very good coach.

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Bayu is a fantastic life coach. He helped me define my goals and made me discover more about my passion in life. His genuinity and gentle spirit have brought positive changes in my life.

To my surprise, the techniques that I have learned in our sessions have helped tremendously.

I highly recommend Bayu to everyone and anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life.

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Thank you for the great coaching and your impulses!!

Your authenticity and mindfulness made me feel super comfortable and in good hands.

All the best for the future! 🙌

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Due to his sensitive and calm manner, I felt that I was in very good hands and he was able to help me gain new insights.

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Dear Bayu, Thank you again for your great coaching. You leave a lot of space and set impulses in the right places that lead you into deeper layers. Good job!